Plum Bodylovin' Orchid-you-not Eau De Parfum

215 295.00 | 27 off

Plum Bodylovin' Orchid-you-not Eau De Parfum

Phy Black Eau De Toilette - 100 ml

1066 1350.00 | 21 off

Phy Black Eau De Toilette

Phy Mountain Rain Eau De Toilette - 100 ml

645 750.00 | 14 off

Phy Mountain Rain Eau De Toilette

Phy Active Eau De Toilette - 100 ml

645 750.00 | 14 off

Phy Active Eau De Toilette

Phy Social Eau De Toilette - 100 ml

645 750.00 | 14 off

Phy Social Eau De Toilette

Mamaearth Me Perfume - 120 ml

249 299.00 | 17 off

Celebrate your uniqueness with a fragrance that is as distinct and amazing as you! Introducing Mamaearth ME Deo, a unisex deodorant that mixes with your skin oils to produce a scent that's one-of-a-kind, can't be replicated and is unique to you. Nature-inspired, ME Deodorant features a fresh floral infusion enhanced with an earthy blend of cashmeran and musk. The warm woody undertones, sweet floral hints of rose and the crisp citrusy notes of neroli accords evoke an effortless charm that keeps body odour at bay for up to 8 hours. The best part? It's Made Safe certified, which means no toxins or harmful chemicals, just natural goodness.

Plum Bodylovin' Vanilla Vibes Eau De Parfum - 15 m...

230 295.00 | 22 off

Irresistibly vanilla warm, inviting, cozy, delectable, decadent..ah, this irresistibly vanilla fragrance makes it the perfect sweet scent to get you feelin’ good and winnin’ you compliments, babe! Features: A scent-sational vanilla eau de parfum that you'll fall in love with at first whiff Long-lasting, luxurious formula that stays for more than 10 hours The high concentration of fragrance wraps your skin with a scent that lingers Fragrance: Subtly sweet, warm gourmand notes to get you smelling like a vanilla cupcake Cute, purse-friendly packaging - take it everywhere you go Free of nasties: sulphates, parabens, phthalates, silicones and animal-derived ingredients 100% vegan, cruelty-free and judgement-free always! About the Brand: Plum is inspired by the goodness in nature, and driven by the desire to be good and do good. Plum products are always 100% vegan and 100% cruelty-free. No parabens, phthalates or other toxic chemicals in any product. Marrying science and product expertise with innate love for nature, welcome to Plum. Beauty that is clean, real and good!

Plum Bodylovin' Trippin' Mimosas Eau De Parfum - 1...

215 295.00 | 27 off

Stunning Mimosanal Daze with Plum BodyLovin' Trippin' Mimosas Eau De Parfum! A few spritzes of this clean, crisp and sparkling citrusy freshness with a dash of floral fun will get you trippi down the memory lane of the fun-filled good ol days, babe. Cheers to a mimosanal daze!

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